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Archive for September, 2009

Mother Vidula, yogini of the months!!

The yoga spirit is up, alive, and running. What with Chaturanga dandasana how can it not? One has no time to be complaining as one balances with the last breath to go up and then bear down on the arms. When one has puny forearms, one can only fight with all one has. But I like these fights in the mind, what I call the other rigor on the mat. On the one hand, the physicality of the pose itself is a challenge, on the other hand the mind can help and hinder with the progress. I remember days in the class, four years ago, when I couldn’t get out any sooner. Time moved too slowly for me, as I half heartedly attempted 50% of what most people could do with so much ease. All around me, I had these unbelievable bodies who could reach out and stretch and twist and bend with incredible grace and perfection. Then there was the other kind of resistance to battle, the mental force that kept denying the possibilities that, perhaps, with a little bit of acceptance and opening I could discard the boundaries I had so carefully constructed for myself. Everyday I fought with familiar armor: the long drive, the long hours, the meal adjustments, and that mother of all excuses, maternal guilt that came in so handy when I needed it. So, if nothing else, my teenage children needed me to be home if only to bore them with my company. Then one day, these false rationales slipped away like a layer of onion skin, or rotten lettuce that one doesn’t need any more ( Maybe that’s a bad analogy. But you get the point.) Down with joint pain, like the kind I had never experienced before, a little voice inside me told me to go do yoga and offer my pain and resistance to my practice. This time following this intuition was easy as I had brought my heart and will to it. That was in March. Today, in August, I am attending class 5 days a week, and feeling so much better for it. Actually, to say that yoga is making a difference sounds like something of cliche. It has been said before. But, what can you say about simple truths? When they become a part of your experience, you have to say them one more time. For, that one more time is your life.

Anyway, Monday class was thriving with all our combined energy. It was so amazing to see everyone do Hastasana en route to doing other more complex poses. Even though I normally close my eyes when we start our hatha yoga, (for obvious reasons. I want to surround myself with my own bliss that my pose is perfect, for myself) I sneaked a look around me and the impact of rows and rows of synchronized hastasanas was dazzling to the sight. So much positive movement going on here, and hey, I was a part of that movement- not simply a side line witness but involved as involved as one can be- and fully there.

How many times with have heard, “things come at their perfect timing?”  Well, they do.  The yoga center has been through so many phases in its development.  We have gone through so many enlivening experiences in the 18 years or so since its inception.  And one thing we have learned, it is that all the valuable experiences have come at their own timing, their perfect timing.

We are extremely excited to see growth, not only in the number of people that come to do one, or years of yoga!  We are always ecstatic to see the quality of people that come.  We love seeing how they are profoundly affected by one class or every one class.  It is almost a gaze that is created with the participation of all in their own way, willing to be opened, willing to surrender, always in the yogic way, one step at a time.
At the end of every class, of every session, it is the amazing sweetness of Divine Love that is truly present.  And, it does not need to be qualified or named, because it is our communal experience that senses it.  I know it is the undeniable direct experience of each of us.  this is what makes our center yoga from the heart.
We are truly excited to keep opening more classes, not only restricted to Hatha yoga, but of philosophy, of kripalu, of vegetarian cooking, sessions of spiritual cinema… Simply because we have more chances to invite more hearts to join us.  This is the way to continue to change not anyone else’s but our world, this is the perfect timing.

 Could life have developed anywhere else in the universe? We’re not asking about UFOs. Do you believe that it’s possible that life exists on another planet?

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