We are group of like-minded yogis!

We are group of like-minded yogis!

These are some of the comments given by our own students.  If you would like to see a complete list of comments please visit

Click2Houston.  We were voted the BEST Yoga Center in Houston for 2009 by viewers.

Devananda Yoga center is a personal place of peace for me, kind of like a spiritual home. I come here every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and find that I become a better person because of it. This yoga center has two very dedicated people devoting their time and energy to making their world a better place. Their names are Rafael and Yogeshchandra. Yogeshchandra is the drive behind this yogacenter’s “running” for around 20 years ( I am not too accurate about the date). I cannot say “being in business,” because Devananda Yoga center is not a business. It is a non-profit organization run purely for spreading the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. In other words, neither Rafael the instructor nor Yogeshchandra the founder and spiritual nerve of this place draw a salary or any other form of financial remuneration from it. Anyway, the instructor Rafael, is the best yoga teacher you can find. The variety of his routine which changes evryday, the accuracy and lucidity of his verbal instructions as we flow through our poses, the depth of his intuitive understanding and mastery of yoga elevates our sessions to an art form. I always feel at the end of every hour and a half of the asana flow (officially it’s an hour long class but it spills over to the next half hour or more) that we just performed a dance or moving poetry. Couldn’t he record this personal aesthetic script of his, it would make such a rich original body of work that could sell, or at least the world could see and appreciate. But then that would be missing the spirit of Devananda yoga center which has been making this moving meditation real for so many people everyday for the last several years. Taking three and more classes per week times twelve months times nearly 20 years is a masterpiece that we cannot try to recollect or compile into a neat reproducible book of memories. It can only be lived in the mind body and spiritual awareness that comes through Rafael’s class at the Devananda Yoga Center, equally for every practitioner. Thank you DevanandaYoga Center for being a part of my life. (Vidula, via click2houston)

Holistic approach to yoga. Instructors are friendly and passionate about their teachings and way of life. Spiritual and physical awakening! Awesome experience! (nhuron, via click2houston)

I have been working out in Houston for 31 years (mostly yoga and pilates). As I have become more mature I am turned off by the “boot camp” class that leaves me more manic than serene. I recently moved and was looking for a yoga class near my home when I stumbled upon Devanand.  After my first visit it was obvious these people are not just instructing yoga, they practice it in their daily lives. I feel I am getting a great physical workout with personal, non-shaming instruction and leave class with my mind and spirit at rest. Finally……a true yoga class!  (Mary E.)

This is by far the best yoga center in Houston!!! Rafael is a wonderful instructor. He gets me ready to wear a bikini in 1-2 classes flat. Every class is different and varied. Every class provides an intense workout that actually relaxes you and helps to find a balance within and quiet your mind. Especially after long days at the computer, I love to go to Devanand Yoga – the experience is almost like an internal massage. You will work muscles that you didn’t even know you have and sweat all of the anxiety out of your body. It makes you feel free. Plus everyone at the yoga center is so welcoming and nice and non-judgmental. Try it and you’ll see! (pmelt via click2houston)

While I lived in Houston I became a regular student at the Devanand Yoga Center. The level of spirituality that can be achieved through their teachings is just remarkable. (chalaco48 via click2houston)

A place where spirit and body unite! (kolor via click2houston)

My little kept secret….Not anymore! Rafael is the best yoga instructor. I’ve never felt so spiritually sound before in my life! Saul’s pilate’s class keeps my abs feeling tight! I am glad to have discovered this gem of a place and will be staying!
Divine love (aperez166, via click2 houston)

I would like to say how much I have enjoyed your yoga class. I feel that you have shown how true tranquillity can be achieved and how to achieve this peace of mind through yoga.  Your yoga class stretches the body in a very positive, energising way.
This is a great achievement, especially when most of us work so hard in our every day lives. (cobalt27 via click2houston)

If you are looking for a true yoga experience, this is the place! (SabKov, via click2houston)

Best Yoga Center in town! (cindybonchic via click2houston)

The most heartfelt yoga I have ever been blessed to be a part of. You would be experienceing a true gift (Micki, via click2houston)

Simply the best yoga center in the city!!!! The instructors are the best! (misscindyle via click2houston)

The body is a vessel in which to hold the heart. Forgive yourself for the deeds that have separated you from others and you will at once perceive your own beauty. Instructors at the Devanand Yoga Center will greet your heart and walk beside you until you are ready to soar. (John Crisman, PhD)

This is the best yoga center!!! It does an amazing job of combining the physical aspects with the spirituality of yoga, plus Rafael the lead yoga teacher does an amazing job making everyone feel comfortable and loved. (lfolson via click2houston)

THANK YOU for allowing access to all Houstonians. We appreciate you, Devanand Yoga Center (homeless, via click2houston)

The atmosphere is very calm and peaceful and so we feel very relaxed. The chanting removes all our negative thoughts and we become centered. There are people of all faiths, color and ages which creates a feeling of harmony. The instructor is very patient and extremely knowledgable and we love him. Even if our bodies are not very flexible, he is so encouraging to us. (Pravin, via click2houston)

Last night’s Yoga class was brilliant – The postures enabled me to sleep without waking in pain for the first time in weeks.
-Andrea Marcus
School Teacher

I am REALLY enjoying the carefully considered structure of each class and your inimitable style of presentation with its finely balanced combination of technique, wisdom and humour. Thank you for making each class an experience; so much more than just another yoga class. Yoga with personality.
-Michael Pierce, MBA

These yoga classes are like a breath of fresh air, it relates to my life, I feel great, I’m not stressed and I’m proud to tell my friends I practice Yoga!’
-Art Dupont

After last week’s class I felt such a benefit, just walking down the road there was a spring in the step!
-Nancy Douglas, RN

I have been looking for the right yoga teacher for 8 years and the fact that I have travelled 70 miles for a 1.5 hour lesson each week must tell you that this man is worth checking out – you won’t regret it!
-Violet Hayden

Thank you for making yoga such an enjoyable experience. Thank you for your enthusiasm and inspiration
-Rosemary Copperfield, M.D.

As a complete newcomer to yoga it has been an introduction to a form of exercise and relaxation that I really enjoy and appreciate and hope to continue with for the rest of my life!
-Sharon Hernandez

We have thoroughly enjoyed the yoga classes with you – we left every week feeling totally refreshed and calm. We also loved the way there was always humour in the class as well. Some yoga classes can be so strict and serious – it was very refreshing to find your fun and relaxed class, at which we could go at our own pace. Thank-you for getting us back into Yoga!
-David & Marlene Stevens

I would like to say how much I have enjoyed your yoga class. I feel that you have shown how true tranquillity can be achieved and how to achieve this peace of mind through yoga.
Your yoga class stretches the body in a very positive, energising way.
This is a great achievement, especially when most of us work so hard in our every day lives.
-Samantha Piper

Thank you once again for the yoga weekend. I had a really great time, and it was everything that I hoped it would be. After the class on Saturday morning, I felt more relaxed than I can remember being for a long time!’
-Jossie Bhanda