Yoga as a lifestyle

Our Yoga Center is very aware that yoga postures in and of themselves are not enough to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development and wellness. That is why at the Devanand Yoga Center you will find a variety of techniques from different paths of yoga coordinated to awaken your spirit to a higher plane.

Our typical class starts with a wonderful chanting meditation. Chanting an ancient mantra designed to purify ourselves and the atmosphere, we are uplifted to  higher, more sensitive spiritual level. Then, a series of breathing and stretching exercises will allow us to open the free flow of our inner energy. The yoga postures, called asanas, will bring both the preventive and healing benefit for our mind and body. A well-designed series of these asanas will make the difference for every joint and muscle. Finally, each class ends with a relaxation session designed to fight tension and stress. The control we develop over our mind helps us to recycle energy, avoiding unnecessary waste and accelerated healing.

Class descriptions:

Bhakti Vinyasa Flow

This is an active class blending asana, ancient yoga philosophy, meditation, and inspirational music.  Students will build strength and stamina as they move through a creative sequence of challenging poses in a supportive and nurturing environment. Drawing from the spirit of Bhakti yoga, students are encouraged to make connections of the heart, body, and spirit.

Yoga Healing -
Very gentle morning class, geared to invite gentleness to our mind. Class especially geared to heal injuries of body, mind, spirit.

Hatha Yoga -
Popular class geared for beginners and intermediate students. Focus in breath and rhythmic flow, alignment, and relaxing but challenging asanas to clear the mind, connect with body, provoke the spirit!

Mantra Chanting -Mantra Chanting - Sound vibration chanting (or kritana). These mantras (liberation of mind) invite the mind and body to prepare to create and receive the most benefit from the yoga class. Most importantly the affect and open the heart to go deeper than physical exercise, and invite moving meditation.


Yoga Nidra – Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation technique of yogic meditation where the mind remains fully conscious of its surrounding and the thought processes while the body is in the sleep mode. Lying in the savasana or corpse pose, the mind is carefully guided to become aware of the body and travel into the different areas of the body and also do a mind travel through various imageries of many different settings and circumstances. Ideally, an experienced practitioner is able to retain all the thinking the mind has done during this conscious-sleep mode. The yoga nidra class will focus on simple yogasanas, calming pranayama  and finally a guided yoga nidra for a very relaxing and de-stressing experience.