What if I haven’t exercised for a while, can’t touch my toes or have a physical challenge?

That’s OK. Yoga is noncompetitive and everyone is encouraged to practice at their own pace and listen to their body’s messages. It’s not about doing the pose perfectly; it’s about receiving the benefits of the pose in a way that serves your body as it is today.
Be sure to arrive 10 minutes early for the first class and always tell an instructor if you’ve had an injury or an area of concern in your body. All of our teachers are able to provide you with modifications to the poses so they will be accessible to you. You may want to consider a Gentle Yoga Series to ease you into a regular practice.

Is there chanting and meditation? How does yoga fit with my own faith?

There may be times of guided or silent meditation-usually just for a few minutes. It is also common to chant “OM” or “Shanti” at the beginning or end of class. OM is used as the symbol of yoga and is a Sanskrit word meaning “unity”. It refers to the interconnectedness of all things. “Shanti” means “peace”. These tools are helpful in creating quiet within the mind. They are offered in the spirit of supporting your individual faith or life philosophy.