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We are always immersed in thought when the end of the year comes. For some it is the end of the world as we know it (but, isn’t every minute the end…a new beginning?). It is always a great time to be grateful.

We are so grateful to have been part of your life and you of ours. As we always remind ourselves, this Yoga Center, in its uniqueness would not be here if it were not for you, specifically you! We never claim to be perfect or the best. We never aspire to be competitive with others, or even think of ourselves in comparison with others. We humbly want to be the center that is truest to our mission. Our mission is to bring the most honest practice of yoga, in what it means to us, and share it with you.

Our commitment is to be there, as humbly and honestly as we can every time you come. Because in that vulnerability and that “real” experience is where we all get to experience life, together.

It is, as you know, never about the money, or the fame, or the flashiness. It is always our intention to be about the intent, to be an experience of Peacefulness, Harmony, Truthfulness, and most importantly our intention of Divine Love. Some may argue, it is a little about sweat too… 🙂

We are grateful that you are coming. We are grateful that you have come. We are grateful that you thought in coming more often…

In all ways, we are grateful, because every time we, you and us, are there, we are “more” alive and hopeful that we are practicing remembering who we truly are, part of that Divine Love.

We humbly and sincerely wish you wonderful truly Holy Days!

Organic is Better!

 Although eating conventionally grown fruits and vegetables is better than skipping fruits and vegetables altogether, it is important to minimize your exposure to the pesticides contained in conventionally grown foods as much as possible for good health. Pesticides pose various health dangers and have been linked to nervous system toxicity, cancer, hormone system effects, and skin, eye and lung irritation. Conventional farming methods are also damaging to our environment and local economies. By consuming organic fruits and vegetables, you improve your health and support more sustainable farming practices.

 How to Obtain Organic Produce

 There are several ways to obtain organic produce. You can of course continue shopping at your  grocery store or go

“When we support organic farming, our dollar supports a cause that is sustainable, healthy, and loving.”

 to Whole Foods and purchase organic foods there, but perhaps the price tags scare you away. The Environmental Working Group has created a guide that currently lists 49 items ranked from least contaminated to most contaminated. Simply by eating the least contaminated conventional produce and avoiding the twelve most contaminated fruits and vegetables or replacing them with the organic option, you can lower your pesticide consumption by nearly 80% and hopefully keep your grocery bill in check.  The twelve most contaminated conventionally grown items to be avoided from most to least contaminated are: 

  • Celery
  • Peaches
  • Strawberries
  • Apples
  • Blueberries (Domestic)
  • Nectarines
  • Sweet bell peppers
  • Spinach
  • Cherries
  • Kale/collard greens
  • Potatoes
  • Grapes (Imported)

 You can access the full list here:

 Another option is to grow some of your own produce. If you’ve got the space and enjoy gardening, this could be a good way to go. However, it will require some research and materials and an upfront cost to get started. Of course, you’d be saving quite a bit over the long run as a packet of seeds costs about two dollars and will yield more than the one pound you’ll get at the store for the same price.

 A co-operative, on the other hand, leaves the farming to others while you sit back and enjoy abundant amounts of organic produce. A co-operative is a community effort that supplies local and organic produce at wholesale prices. Rawfully Organic Co-op, a non-profit, is one such example. Rawfully Organic Co-op “[supports] a raw food lifestyle, our local farmers, and our local economy!” By purchasing either a half-share ($47) or a full-share ($87) on their website, you receive a huge enough amount to last you and your household at least a week, depending on your consumption and size of household.

 Another co-op in Houston is Central City Co-op. This co-op offers a variety in sizes of produce shares  that are less expensive than Rawfully Organic; however, membership is required (there are different levels of membership, some costing more than others, and you can also volunteer in exchange for membership). I recommend asking around and doing some research on the co-ops in your area.


 Yes, please skip the chocolate sprinkle donut and extra-butter microwave popcorn (I don’t care if it’s whole grain) for the conventional apple if you need to, but hopefully you can start introducing more and more organic foods into your diet using the methods discussed above.

As stated by Rawfully Organic Co-op, “When we support organic farming, our dollar supports a cause that is sustainable, healthy, and loving.” Go organic and achieve good health while being kind to the environment.

– Roma Singh


Traveling and taking a vacation is always an experience that is unparalleled. We take vacations to relax, to change scenery, to open our horizons to new cultures and places. It is always exciting to look for that renewal. This trip I am experiencing is, as I expected the trip of my life, in that and many others I am still to understand.

India is not only on the other side of the world, 11.5 hours ahead of Houston, but a world apart in history, culture, language(s), politics, spirits. It is one of those trips where every moment is an experience. It is finding life lived so intensely that is almost incomprehensible to my eyes. I do not pretend to understand the culture in a few days, or even grasp the pulse of the country. I can simple understand what all these experiences do to my mind and heart.

India can be at first glance a city of opposite extremes. The cities overflow with incredible amounts of people negotiating small spaces, traffic, roads, time, resources, communication, relationships with each other. It is at the same time a place of over acts of peacefulness, of pockets of spirituality. Riding on rickshaw, among the constant concert of honking (Honk OK Please!), the motorcycles, cars, pedestrians, and water buffalo (if not elephants) all struggle for the same piece of road. The rickshaw driver, a college educated man, who drives this tricycle for someone else for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, raises his hand out the side and lets the bus pass him in a complete act of peaceful reconciliation, a spontaneous act of ahimsa. And so it is on the streets, where every few blocks, many times on the same block, the scent of incense attracts your attention to a devotional corner, small mandir, where you will find a deity being looked after and revered by anyone who walks by.

And so it is, that in every step, we find life, spiritual life, as the background of all activities, names, businesses, marriages, and the desire to live intensely, in community, with all religions, with all peoples, with the understanding that live is there and will be there…we just need to open our eyes to live it, and live it intensely.

Inspiration by the kindness of her heart!We seldom take the time to celebrate our successes. We mostly are concerned with our challenges and difficulties. Indeed our challenges are the experiences that make us grow; however, there is always to time to celebrate.

This time we are celebrating our dear yogini friend, Evalyn. She and her company have been featured in the front page of the Houston Business Journal (read entire article). Our dear Evalyn’s sacrifice and effort in her company and capacity to motivate her staff has paid off. She has been nominated for the third year in one of the fastest growing businesses in Houston. This year she and her company are within the 81 fastest growing companies in Houston for 2010.

We do have the responsibility to live in compassion of each other. We seldom stop and think how the pain, the suffering of one is the suffering of all.  Even more rare is the ocassion when we think about the happiness of one is the happiness of all. This is truly how we feel about Evalyn. She is such a special individual who shows that capacity and focus in the depth but softness of her yoga practice. Evalyn brings so much love and sincerity to her yoga practice that is inspiring to all of us!

We do celebrate Evalyn successes as they are also ours!

Congratulations Evalyn!

This is a post that was meant to happen a long time ago. The Devanand Yoga Center, although you might be tired of hearing about how wonderful it is, well, it is more than that – it is magical. It is magical because it brings so many people, ideas, hearts, souls together – in a constant act of giving.

There is no secret that economic times are affecting us all, and the yoga world is no exception. When encounter with this challenges in the almost 2 decades of existence in Houston, the yoga center has always found its way. However, the circumstances are not less magical every time. There have been many incredible people that believe in us and what we do.  Our members have reacted in some incredible ways, in all different expresions of support.

There have been immediate reactions of people providing their payments on our automatic paypal account. Many of you, regardless of the frequency of attendance, have decided to pay their monthly fee. Others, knowing that our rent increased, immediately offered to add on to their monthly fee the difference to cover the increase. Furthermore, one dear friend of the center offered to place the electric bill of the center in her credit card, thus alleviating the burden of this bill.

And it is not all monetarily. Many volunteer to input data in our database, bring water bottles as a donation. Others choose to bring votive candles and incense. There are members that offer their time and effort to recycle. Of course, I have to mention the ones that come to vacuum and clean the center so it is neat and organized in time for class. Most just come and are practice what they learn, to undertand that the happiness of one is the happiness of all. 

It is the loving actions of our members that makes this place so incredibly special. It is truly not about one person, or one or two people, it is all of us that makes this place a solace for the soul. It is the energy of the individuals and desire to open their hearts that makes our center so unique. It is you, that makes the difference in everyone’s lives.

The Devanand Yoga Center could not exist if we did not have that special spiritual energy that unites us. It is through us that we make it manifest.


Vegetarianism was arguably created by the Vegetarian Society in 1840. They claim it came from the word in Latin ‘vegetus’ meaning “lively”, because this is how this diet make vegetarians feel. Vegetarianism has been in existence way before the mid 19th century. There are entire cultures that have been vegetarians and have live that way for generations. Many of us find it very difficult to be vegetarians, or even conceive only eating vegetarian. However, we all realize the importance of eating healthy and including all the characteristics of vegetarianism (sporadically!) in our daily meals. As a society we are starting to realize, now, more than ever, the important that food has on our health, state of mind, energy levels, and most importantly on our planet. The recent nomination to an Oscar as BEST Documentary of the movie FOOD, Inc. has triggered a new wave of awareness and consideration of the different aspects of where our food comes from. It is after all, the most significant green or ecological gesture we can produce daily.

So, we thought we would add some delicious vegan soup to your repertoire. We present to you, our infamous zucchini soup.

Zucchini SoupZucchini Soup

2 medium size organic zucchinis

¼ cup of Virgin Olive oil

2-3 cups of water

Pinch of rosemary

Pinch of pepper

Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

1 tablespoon of aminos (salt replacement)

1 pinch of hing (garlic replacement)

¼ cup of pine nuts (optional, or other nuts)


Directions: Bring enough water to cover the zucchini to boil. Add the rosemary, black pepper, aminos. Place the zucchini in the water until it changes color (darker green) and become lightly cooked. Let it cool for 5 minutes until ready to be blended. Place it on the blender with cayenne pepper and hing.  Add the cold olive oil. Blend until smooth. As a touch of taste you may broil or lightly heat the pine nuts to add flavor and texture as you serve.

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